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Circuit Breakers and Microservices Architecture

By now it’s pretty well-known that a Microservices architecture has many advantages. These include low coupling, re-usability, business agility and distributed cloud ready applications. But at the same time it makes the architecture brittle because each user action results invokes multiple services. It replaces the in-memory calls of a monolithic architecture with remote calls across the […]

Microservices at Constant Contact – a view from the trenches Pt. 2

This post is the second of two parts, see part 1 of the post here. Automation and Continuous Deployment (CD) Getting our CD process up and running took some time and effort, but once we did, our productivity improved significantly.  We created a pipeline for each of our microservices so we could deploy them independently.  Each […]

Microservices at Constant Contact – a view from the trenches

Part 1 of a 2 part series. See part 2 here. Microservices are a hot topic of discussion these days.  The tech world is agog with stories of Netflix’s and PayPal’s architecture and how microservices helped them get to where they are today. A few weeks ago, Stefan Piesche wrote an excellent article on “Microservices at […]