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CSV Column Discretization with Java

When mining a large amount of data, often times you end up with a lot of columns with continuous values. While this is the most “pure” version of the data, sometimes you want to cluster these values into bins to do things like creating histograms or just easy analysis of the distribution of the data. […]

Sinatra for Rapid Prototyping

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that is mostly front-end work, but also communicates with some back-end web services.  I needed something to quickly respond to some basic GET requests at various endpoints and return either HTML fragments or JSON.  I’m not much of a big Ruby or Rails programer (although I do admire […]

How to Use Processing from the Command Line to Generate Images

The Processing project provides a great Java-based visual programming environment with a number of compelling features, including cross-platform support and OpenGL-accelerated graphics. We’ve used it at Constant Contact Labs for a number of internal data visualization projects, and it’s worked very well for us. Lately we’ve had reason to work out a way to have […]