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How to Monetize Your Mobile App

Mobile application development has grown tremendously over the last few years. Building an app can be a very satisfying endeavor, as you will be able to help people accomplish their goals more efficiently. In addition, you can obtain new customers for your business, which can result in a substantial increase in revenue. But if you’re […]

Triangles in Your Pocket

Constant Contact creates technology products for a pretty specific audience, and the needs of that audience have taught us to use highly functional and highly familiar interface metaphors. Successful small businesses and nonprofits master a variety of skills – marketing, financial management, hiring, product pricing, customer support – but a mastery of the latest consumer […]

Image Handling and iPhone 4

Development for Apple’s iOS – the operating system running on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – is a funny combination of wonderful and maddening. The platform’s native API, called Cocoa Touch, provides an app developer with an amazing combination of power and flexibility – and it’s been improving with each version. But the power and […]

Review of an Empty Canvas

(Since its launch a few weeks back, the iPad has been a hot topic at Constant Contact both internally and in questions and comments from customers. As part of its technology investigation charter, Labs has been coming to grips with what the iPad is all about. This is the first of two contrasting opinion pieces […]