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Constant Contact hosts NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge in San Francisco

The NASA 2014 International Space Apps Challenge is perhaps the largest hackathon in the Milky Way, spanning more than 90 cities around the globe, including San Francisco. NASA offers a range of challenges, from designing the next space-suites and tech wearables, to hunting asteroids, controlling satellites, and mapping weather patterns. Constant Contact is hosting this […]

AlI I really need to know about software I learned at my dotcom startup

Many moons ago I worked for a dotcom startup. I am sure there are some of you out there that remember those heady days. While in retrospect we probably shouldn’t have spent all that money on funky office space and astronomical salaries, we had a blast. We worked hard. We played hard. It was a […]

Constant Contact 2012 Hackathon: The Results

In mid-November, Constant Contact held its Innovation Jam & first API Hack at our Waltham, MA site. The overall goal of the event was to inspire our developers to innovate and solve small business challenges using APIs. The Hack began with demos from our API friends Twilio and WePay. Following the demos, Dave Berard, our […]