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How to Monetize Your Mobile App

Mobile application development has grown tremendously over the last few years. Building an app can be a very satisfying endeavor, as you will be able to help people accomplish their goals more efficiently. In addition, you can obtain new customers for your business, which can result in a substantial increase in revenue. But if you’re […]

Mobile Apps: Deciding Which App Type Is Best

As a mobile developer, picking the right platform for your mobile applications is an important decision.  Once you’ve decided on a platform, the most important decision is whether to go with a mobile web, native, or hybrid application. This article will help you decide which of these types is best for you by comparing them […]

Announcing the New Constant Contact V2 API, Developer Portal, and Developer Acceleration Tools

Over the past year, we’ve mentioned a few times that we are working on a new version of our API.  It’s been quite a journey since we launched our original public REST API in 2008.  Since then, expectations have changed, technologies have advanced, and our developer community has been vocal about what they want.  They’ve […]

Implementing OAuth 2.0 in an Android app

I have been working on developing an Android native app using the current Web Services APIs from Constant Contact. I took advantage of the “somewhat old” CTCT Webservice Java Client Library in the app, but that library uses the now deprecated Basic Authentication model. I started to look into re-implementing authentication using the OAuth 2.0 […]

Android: Don’t Overlook ViewSwitcher

Switching between views in Android is a recurring requirement. Loading screens and background processing is a prime example. The process usually goes: show a loading or splash screen, load data in the background, and when the data has been loaded switch to a view showing the loaded data. The first instinct of developers, especially those […]