Using Windows 8 for Creating Apps

Deciding to give it a try, I downloaded Windows 8 to my personal laptop.  I then ran the update that promised to keep all of my files and settings intact and held my breath.  Thankfully, it turned out to be the smoothest Windows upgrade I’ve done to date.

windows 8Then, the real fun began when I took a look at the new Start Menu (or “Metro”), and saw that some of my applications from Windows 7 had been converted into nifty tiles. I logged on to the Windows developer website to find out what these were and immediately downloaded a demo copy of Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8.  I think Windows 8 apps are the wave of the future and this is why:

Windows is used by Everyone

I know this is a bold statement, especially for any Apple fans out there, but the fact is Windows currently dominates the OS market. They’re making what looks like a strong move by creating an app store for the PC, but what they’re actually doing is making a power play for their mobile market.

One Size Fits All

An app that is built for a Windows 8 PC is immediately compatible with the Windows 8 mobile OS. It’s that simple. Visual Studio even gives you a virtual Surface tablet to debug your app. This means any Windows 8 developer is also building an app market for Microsoft’s new phones and tablets. Having a robust app store is the basis of all mobile OS market share.

Windows Makes it Easy

Some might disagree with me on this, but I find building apps for iOS and Android a little difficult. The SDK’s are great, but I have to go find tutorials that work for me and some libraries aren’t included. I’m also stuck if I don’t want to use Java. Windows 8 apps can be built in either C#/XAML or Javascript/HTML, with full libraries for each. In addition, sample code is packaged together with lab-style tutorials that lead you step-by-step through the process.

Just make sure when you’re building your apps, that you keep both touch and non-touch users in mind. Overall, I can say that building a Windows 8 app was one of the better experiences I’ve had with a platform.

Put all these factors together, along with the $39.99 base price for the upgrade (which is the cheapest Windows upgrade I’ve ever had), and Windows 8 just might be the next place you should go with your development.

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  1. I still doubt that there are lot of apps growing in iOS and Android. Comparing with them how far will it grow and windows is still the lovely OS for desktops & laptops. I don’t think it will emerge as success in case of apps.

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