Thoughts on High Velocity Edge, Part 1

I picked up The High-Velocity Edge: How Market Leaders Leverage Operation Excellence to Beat the Competition as a freebie at a Lean Conference in which the author, Steven J. Spear, gave a keynote address. Mr. Spear was an engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed his talk. But his book…well it sat in my swag bag for 2 solid years before I had to make the decision to either toss it or read it. In the foreword Mr. Clayton M. Christensen (some Harvard big wig) addressed my apprehension in opening its cover by saying “This book is not the sort of easy, entertaining paperback you can buy in the San Francisco airport and finish by the time you land in Boston. There’s no fluff here, no simple silver-bullet solutions to all your problems. But this is probably the most insightful book about quality and process that has ever been written.” After having wisely chosen to read the book, I would whole heartedly agree.

You can read my entire review here.

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