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Building for Mobile

If you’ve paid even a little attention to web development in the past few years, you’re aware everyone’s going cuckoo for mobile- and tablet-friendly web sites. Or more accurately, nobody wants to be caught flat-footed by the question “How does it look on mobile?” because more and more people are using smartphones as their primary […]

Using SVG to Make Images Look Great on Retina Displays

I recently made some changes to the Constant Contact website and updated our logo from a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) to a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). There are important benefits to using SVGs over PNGs. SVGs offer resolution-independent, fully scalable and crystal clear graphics. Because SVG is a resolution-independent vector format, SVG images are always […]

Stop Waiting for the Responsive Mockups!

[Editor’s Note: Our Tech Blog isn’t responsive yet, but it will be soon. We hesitated a little before publishing an article about the responsive process on a site that hasn’t gone through it yet — but decided to go ahead and publish it anyway! For some examples of where Constant Contact is using responsive design […]