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API v2 Release Notes | July 2013

We are releasing an update to the Constant Contact V2 API on July 12, 2013. There are no major changes happening in this release, and current V2 API integrations will not require any changes. New Features – Although we are not releasing any new features or functionality in this release, we’re giving you a sneak […]

API v2 Release Notes | June 2013

We are planning a software update to the Constant Contact v2 API on June 7, 2013. There are no major changes happening in this release, and current v2 integrations should not require any changes. We have fixed several bugs, and added functionality – we’ve included the full details of these changes here. New Features Ability […]

Constant Contact API Webinar and Live Q&A Session

As many of you know, we just released an extensive update to the Constant Contact API and developer portal. Join us to learn what’s new and how our app partner program can help you reach success with your integration. David Berard, product manager, API, and Kevin O’Brien, senior director, app partner program, will share the highlights […]

The Next Generation of Small Business Software Developers Won’t Need a Sales Team

The following is a guest post from Alan Wells, co-founder and product designer at Glyder, a 500 Startups-backed company that gives small businesses the content and metrics they need to be effective online marketers. He’s been designing mobile and social software since 2007, including roles at Affinity Labs (acquired by, Zynga, and a design […]

iCapture Talks about Integrating with Constant Contact

In this brief video, Brady Roberts, President of iCapture, introduces his company and shares his thoughts about integrating the iCapture app for iPad with Constant Contact. Check it out. Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts, questions, or comments here on the blog and by following us on Twitter @CTCT_API.

Announcing the New Constant Contact V2 API, Developer Portal, and Developer Acceleration Tools

Over the past year, we’ve mentioned a few times that we are working on a new version of our API.  It’s been quite a journey since we launched our original public REST API in 2008.  Since then, expectations have changed, technologies have advanced, and our developer community has been vocal about what they want.  They’ve […]

Using OAuth with the Constant Contact API

Before you get started using Constant Contact’s API, we want to tell you a little bit about how we use OAuth, an authentication protocol that confirms a user’s identity without requiring the storage of customer usernames and passwords. You’ve probably seen OAuth in action: it’s what’s behind the scenes when you log into one service […]

Release Notes | November 2012

We are planning a software release on November 30th 2012.  No major changes will be happening in this release but we have fixed two defects which have been reported by our developer community.  Below is a list the defects fixed in the release including a full description of the changes. If you have any questions […]

Release Notes | October 2012

Constant Contact’s next release is scheduled for 10/26/2012. The release will address several updates to the API services, all of them bug fixes. The following is a list of the release updates: Facebook Join My Mailing List Application We added links to our privacy policy within the application Account Locked Error Message We fixed a […]