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Building a Great Developer Experience with SDKs

Investing in Software Developer Kits (SDKs) It’s early in 2015 and if you’ve ever worked in Product Management you know what that means: we are starting to execute our big, audacious 2015 product plans. In our Q4 planning cycle we looked at everything we could possibly do and tried to prioritize for the next year. […]

Introducing Webhooks for Constant Contact

In our recent September release  we announced the release of core API endpoints for our new webhooks API feature.  All of us on the API team are really excited to announce the release of our first set of webhooks topics and full API endpoints. But some of you may be asking, “What are webhooks and […]

Supporting Mixed Mode Services in an API

A new contact management system In 2013, Constant Contact started to roll out our next generation of contact management features.  This new generation of CRM was not just some additional functionality – we moved to a new hardware architecture, a new software technology stack and a modern UI design to improve usability.  All in all, […]

API Release Notes | January 2014

Happy New Year! The Web Services team is releasing the first set of API updates for 2014 on Friday, January 10, 2014. Read on in the API Release Notes to find out what’s new in this release. New Features EventSpot endpoints officially released! The EventSpot endpoints are now officially supported and are no longer in […]

API Release Notes | December 2013

The December 2013 API update is planned for Friday, December 6, 2013. Please read through these API release notes to get the skinny on what’s in it. New Features OAuth 2.0 Migration Endpoints We’re releasing two brand new endpoints for you to use in migrating your existing users from either OAuth 1.0a or Basic authentication […]

API Release Notes | November 2013

Even though we’re releasing the November update of the Constant Contact v2 API on Thursday October 31, 2013, we’re still calling it our November Release ;-). Please enjoy our release notes. New Features This release includes one new feature. Multi-user support The v2 API now supports the multi-user functionality implemented in the Constant Contact platform. […]

API Release Notes | October 2013

We deployed the October update to the Constant Contact v2 API on October 3, 2013. We’re really excited because this release is packed with all kinds of new stuff! New Features What’s new in this API release: New MyLibrary APIs The MyLibrary APIs provide developers access to the upgraded MyLibrary Plus product that was just […]

API Release Notes | September 2013

We are releasing an update to the Constant Contact v2 API on September 5, 2013. We have not made any major changes to existing functionality, and we’re not releasing any new functionality in this release, so we don’t anticipate there being any impact on existing v2 API integrations. Upcoming New Features As we mentioned in […]

Digioh’s Constant Contact Integration

Rishi Shah, CEO of Digioh, talks about his experience integrating with Constant Contact using the v2 API. Share your thoughts or questions about integrating with Constant Contact here. We’re listening!

API Release Notes | August 2013

We have just released an update to the Constant Contact v2 API on August 9, 2013. There are no major changes or new functionality in this release, so we don’t anticipate there being any impact on existing v2 integrations. API Release Notes – Bug Fixes Here are the details on the bugs we’ve fixed in […]