v1 API Image and Folder Endpoints Retired

On August 22, 2014, we retired the v1 XML API Images and Folder resources (endpoints). Calls to these endpoints now elicit a 410 Gone response. Developers wishing to access library resources in their apps and integrations should now utilize the v2 API image and folder resources for this functionality. Please refer to the v2 Library image and folder documentation.

In July, we released to production, a significant and positive change to the way the Constant Contact Library service – uploads, stores images and files.  This new hosting technology required migrating our customers to a new platform to take advantage of these changes. The migration and changes were easily accommodated by the v2 API with little to no changes required to that codebase. However, the API team determined that significant re-architecting, code modification and new testing suite would be required for the v1 API. Before we made the decision to close the v1 endpoints, we reviewed our production dashboards and log files to understand the volume and dependency our Constant Contact users had against these v1 API endpoints. The review revealed only a handful of individual users were accessing images and folders using the v1 API, with an even smaller number of API keys involved.

As a final step to making this business decision, we made a direct reach to the Constant Contact account owners and to the developers –  showing them how to remap their integrations to the v2 Library file and folder endpoints.

v1 API functionality not being expanded

While the retirement of the v1 XML API Images and Folder resources is the first time we have eliminated functionality from the v1 API, it is not likely the last. The API team is fully committed to expanding v2 API functionality in areas such as contact management, Toolkit-related workflows, and partner account management.  However, we are not adding any new features to the v1 API. For developers whose apps and integrations are built on our v1 API, the only path for improvement and adding features is to move to our v2 API. You can learn more about the v2 API on our Developer Portal, where you’ll find comprehensive documentation, our API tester, wrapper libraries and more.

If you have questions about the v1 API Image and Folder endpoints, and how to remap to the v2 Library endpoints, you can reach out to us:

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