Release Notes | October 2012

Constant Contact’s next release is scheduled for 10/26/2012. The release will address several updates to the API services, all of them bug fixes. The following is a list of the release updates:

Facebook Join My Mailing List Application
We added links to our privacy policy within the application
Account Locked Error Message We fixed a defect where a 401 Unauthorized was incorrectly being returned when an account was locked.  We are now correctly returning a 403 Forbidden error with a clear error message when an account is locked.
Inconsistent Response Format due to Accept Header We fixed an issue where inconsistent response body formats were returned with bad XML formatting if the Accept header was not supplied for some endpoints.  We have corrected this by setting a default value to all endpoints affected by this if the Accept header was not provided.  Endpoints affected by this change are Event Marketing, Account Provisioning, Account Billing and Images/Folders.  No formatting is changing in this update, it only corrects an issue that could result in incorrect formatting being sporadically returned.
Image API Upload Limit Fix We fixed an issue that would allow more than 5 images to be uploaded to accounts that do not have the MyLibrary Plus feature.  This would cause images to exist in an account that an account owner would not be able to see or use.  Now, a 400 error will be returned with the error message of “You have exceeded your maximum image quota for My Library Basic. Upgrade to My Library Plus or delete images to add more space.”
OAuth Grant Access 500 Error We fixed an issue where clicking “Grant Access” multiple times, which some users on slow connections would do if the page did not load immediately, would cause a 500 Internal Server Error to occur.  The OAuth flow will now correctly proceed instead of throwing an error if the user clicks the button multiple times.
Campaign Activities Bounce “next” link does not return bounces We fixed an issue where the “next” link returned in Campaign Bounce Activities collection, when more than 50 bounce activities exist, would not return the next 50 bounce activities.  Previously it would return an empty XML document.  We are now correctly returning the next 50 bounces with a valid next link if there are more than 100 bounces.

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