Release Notes | November 2012

We are planning a software release on November 30th 2012.  No major changes will be happening in this release but we have fixed two defects which have been reported by our developer community.  Below is a list the defects fixed in the release including a full description of the changes.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email  If the release date changes, we will update with additional information.

Image API Upload Error Message We fixed a defect in October to no longer allow more than 5 error messages to be uploaded into an account that does not have MyLibraryPlus.  Unfortunately, we released that with a grammatical error in the message.   We have corrected the grammatical error and now the error message correctly reads: “You have exceeded your maximum image quota for My Library Basic. Upgrade to My Library Plus or delete images to add more space.”  Error code returned is still 400.
Account Access for certain Cancelled Accounts We have fixed a security issue where accounts cancelled by our Compliance team for violating our Terms and Conditions were able to access certain API features they should not have been able to.  These accounts will now correctly return a 403 Forbidden error with a message informing them that in order to access these features they must contact our Compliance group.  This should only affect a very small number of accounts and these accounts should already have been notified that they are not able to access their account until they have contact us.

In addition, we have continued to work on the next version of our API and have released many new features available to our beta testers.  If you are interested in getting early access to these API endpoints, please email our beta program and we can provide you with access and documentation.

We look forward to any feedback our developer community can provide on our change to JSON format and other improvements to the API data we return.

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