New Release: V5 Java SDK

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our developer toolkit – v5 of our Java SDK! This represents pretty significant change from our v4 Java SDK, so let’s go over a few of the key features of this release.

Central Repository Hosting. Previously, our SDK required a download and inclusion of a JAR in your project. With our newest release, if your project uses the JCenter repository for dependencies, you don’t need to manually download any JARs to get things running.

OkHttp3 and Retrofit 2. Square has been an industry leader in open source software for Java and Android developers. They led the initial work on Dagger (which Google has now taken on), their HTTP framework OkHttp has been adopted into Android, and many other things (of which I highly recommend you take a look.) Using their Retrofit 2 framework for API calls, we’re able to take focus off the HTTP layer, and easily create calls against our V2 API endpoints.

Jackson. One of the most important parts of an API wrapper is the collection of POJOs (plain old java objects). Instead of writing out whole mapping classes for JSON to POJO conversion, we’re using Jackson annotations to reduce time spent on debugging mapping from JSON.

Gradle. Maven has continued to be the popular build system for Java projects. Gradle has started to make a dent, but mostly on Android projects, as it’s now the preferred build system for Android. Gradle is simpler to configure, in most cases faster, and is configurable for plain Java builds. We wanted to try something new, and the results ended up great!

RxJava. If you haven’t been using RxJava – you should be. If you are, you can include the RxJava artifact, and all API calls will return Observables. Cool!

Extensible for the future. It’s no secret that we’re working on our V3 API. As these new endpoints become publicly available, we will be able to extend the v5 SDK to incorporate them, without losing any access to the v2 endpoints.

Feel free to head on over and check out our new updates on Github.


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