API v2 Release Notes | July 2013

We are releasing an update to the Constant Contact V2 API on July 12, 2013. There are no major changes happening in this release, and current V2 API integrations will not require any changes.

New Features – Although we are not releasing any new features or functionality in this release, we’re giving you a sneak peek of some new APIs that we plan to release by this September.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed several bugs that you should know about in this release as well, and we’ve included the full details in this blog post. Here’s what  you need to know about the developer-facing bugs we’ve fixed in the July release:

V2 API Bugs Fixed

  • Individual Contact API – Fixed a bug that did not recognize special character “+” in an email address when searching by email address. Queries for an email address containing “+” now return accurate results.
  • Contacts Collection API – Fixed a bug that allowed a query with the status query parameter having an empty value to return all contacts. Now a query with an empty value for status returns a 400 Bad Request  error.
  • URI Fragments Not Supported – the API documentation has been updated to state that URI fragments are not currently supported by the V2 API.
  • Email Campaign Schedule API – Updated the API documentation to include information on using the Send “Now” feature.

V1 API Bugs Fixed

  • Campaign Tracking Bounces (V1 API) – Fixed a bug that was causing queries on Campaign Tracking Bounce Activities to return inaccurate time stamps. Bounce Activities are now returned with the correct time stamp data for the EventTime property.
  • Email Campaigns (V1 API) – Fixed a bug that was preventing updates to stock campaigns which were created using the UI.

Upcoming Features – MyLibrary Plus API

We will be delivering a new set of MyLibrary Plus API endpoints in the near future. The MyLibrary Plus API is being released simultaneously with the MyLibrary Plus product release. The API will initially support the following capabilities:

MyLibrary Folders

  • POST, GET, PUT, DELETE  MyLibrary Folders
  • 3 levels of folder nesting (Parent folder> child> grandchild)

MyLibrary Files

  • POST (content-type multipart), GET, PUT, DELETE MyLibrary Files
  • GET file collection, individual files, & files within a specific folder
  • GET file upload status

MyLibrary Usage

  • GET detailed usage information, including:
    • number files stored, total and by type
    • amount of storage used, total and by file type
    • maximum amount of storage allowed
    • account type (premium vs. standard)
    • image hosting server URL

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