API Release Notes | September 2013

We are releasing an update to the Constant Contact v2 API on September 5, 2013. We have not made any major changes to existing functionality, and we’re not releasing any new functionality in this release, so we don’t anticipate there being any impact on existing v2 API integrations.

Upcoming New Features

As we mentioned in the July 2013 Release Notes, the Constant Contact API will add support for the new and improved MyLibrary Plus upgrade in late September or early October. The API endpoints being added are:

  • MyLibrary information
  • MyLibrary folder collection
  • MyLibrary folder resource
  • MyLibrary trash folder
  • MyLibrary file collection
  • MyLibrary file collection by folder
  • MyLibrary file resource
  • MyLibrary file resource multipart POST
  • MyLibrary file upload status
  • MyLibrary move files

The API documentation will include comprehensive endpoint, methods,  and parameter information, along with use cases and example JSON request and response payloads when these endpoints become officially available.

Bug Fixes

All bugs fixes are for the v2 API unless otherwise noted.

Redirect URI

We now validate redirect URIs for compliance with OAuth 2.o standards.

Error format description

Revised the user documentation to describe the error format used in the API.

Bulk activities payload limitation

A bug was fixed that incorrectly limited the JSON request payload for Bulk Activities Add Contacts to 200 KB. The JSON payload is now correctly limited to 4 MB.

Email campaigns

The Individual Email Campaign API documentation was revised to remove the last_sent_date from the GET campaign response payload. This parameter is not currently included in the response payload.

We now support the border attribute for the <a> tag in the email_content property.

Contact tracking summary

We fixed a bug that was limiting the response to 100 items for calls to the Contact Tracking Summary report for accounts that are using the new contact management system.

V1 API – Contact list membership

An issue was fixed that was causing the next link to repeat itself in the paginated response, thus limiting the response payload to only the first two pages of paginated output. This bug was seen in the V1 API with accounts using the new contact management system.

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