API Release Notes | November 2013

Even though we’re releasing the November update of the Constant Contact v2 API on Thursday October 31, 2013, we’re still calling it our November Release ;-). Please enjoy our release notes.

New Features

This release includes one new feature.

Multi-user support

The v2 API now supports the multi-user functionality implemented in the Constant Contact platform. There are two defined user types that each have the same permissions and privileges, so there is no impact to current API integrations. Support for multiple roles to complement the multi-user functionality is planned for the first half of 2014.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Email Campaigns

WSPI-4515 The folks on the team corrected an issue that caused the Email Campaign Collection endpoint to reject the border-radius attribute in the body of an email campaign.

MyLibrary Plus

WSPI-4526 The /v2/library/info was erroneously returning negative values for the max_premium_space_limit and total_bytes_remaining properties for some users. This issue is fixed.
 WSPI-4548 Sorting functionality for the MyLibrary file endpoints /v2/library/files & /v2/library/folders/{folderId}/files does not sort the file list predictably, so we’ve removed this information from the documentation. The functionality has not been removed from the endpoints (but we recommend not implementing it if you have not done so already), so there is no impact to any existing integrations.
 WSPI-4527 We fixed an issue that caused the /v2/library/info endpoint to erroneously return total_bytes_used = -1 for some users.

Documentation bugs

WSPI-4585 Documentation for the bulk activity status collection endpoint was clarified and corrected, and documentation for the individual bulk activity status was added. We also made related corrections in the IO Docs.
WSPI-4508 The bulk activities sorted by email campaign documentation incorrectly included the limit query parameter for paginated output. We’ve removed it from the docs.
WSPI-4521 Properties in the Structure tables in the API documentation now display in alphabetical order!
WSPI-4538 We corrected multiple instances of an <object>Id property type being mis-identified as something other than type=string.
The (activity)_date and (activity)_type in several Email Campaign Tracking example responses documentation were corrected to reflect the appropriate activity type.
The Example Response for the Account Summary Information API is now correctly shown as an object, and not an array.
We added the contact_id parameter to the structure section of the Contact Tracking Summary Report documentation.

Upcoming Features

Basic to OAuth 2.0 authentication migration

We will be introducing a new API that you will use to transparently migrate users who are in good standing from basic authentication to OAuth 2.0 authentication later this quarter. Look for more information on this new endpoint shortly.

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