API Release Notes | February 2014

The upcoming Constant Contact API update is schedule for Friday, February 7, 2014. These API Release Notes cover the new features, bug fixes, and any open issues for this release.

New Features

Account information endpoint

uri: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/account/info

The organization_addresses array adds new support for an organization physical address to the account information endpoint. Here is the JSON structure for this new array:

  • organization_addresses – an array that currently supports a single street address;
    • line1 (string), line 1 of street address
    • line2 (string), line 2 of street address
    • line3 (string), line 3 of street address
    • city (string)
    • state (string, 50 max)
    • state_code (string), for US states or Canadian provinces only
    • postal_code (string)
    • country_code (string), ISO 3166-1 two letter country code

Get the complete details on the developer portal.

Bugs Fixed

WSPI-4962 – Performing a GET on an individual registrant who had cancelled their registration no longer returns a 500 response.

WSPI-4922 – The documentation describing the registration_url property for Event Collections and Individual Events  now states that this URL points to the event homepage if one exists, otherwise it points to the event registration page.

WSPI-4931 – Performing a DELETE on an email campaign with status=SCHEDULED correctly returns a 400 bad request code.

WSPI-4997 – The documentation for DELETE an email campaign now states that a campaign with status=SCHEDULED cannot be deleted.

WSPI-4911 – Bulk Activities Export Contacts endpoint now returns an error if more than one listId is specified in the lists array. The documentation now clearly state that only a single contact list can be exported.

WSPI-4871 – We’ve removed the Test API button from the documentation pages for all Bulk Activity endpoints, as these endpoints are not supported in the API Tester.

WSPI-4732 – Duplicate contacts are no longer created when using the v1 Add Contacts Bulk API. Thanks to askrenes for reporting this issue in the Developer Forum.

WSPI-4807 – The documentation for all campaign and contact tracking endpoints now states that tracking data is retained for 180 days from when a campaign is originally sent.

Open Bugs

WSPI-4927 – GET calls to the v1 API individual contact endpoint that use both the listId and updatedsince query parameters are returning a 500 error.

No Plan to Fix

WSPI-4982 – If two requests to add a contact with the same email address but different identifying information occur simultaneously, it can result in two different contacts being created and return a 201 response.
Workaround: Introducing a slight delay between add contact requests will result in the expected/normal 409 response.

Next Release

The next update to the Constant Contact API is scheduled for March 7, 2014.


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