API Release Notes | August 2013

We have just released an update to the Constant Contact v2 API on August 9, 2013. There are no major changes or new functionality in this release, so we don’t anticipate there being any impact on existing v2 integrations.

API Release Notes – Bug Fixes

Here are the details on the bugs we’ve fixed in this release.

Regular expression error messages

We have changed the following confusing error message with multiple error messages that clearly indicate the format the API is expecting:

Old error message:

"error_message":"#/website: Value does not match the required regex pattern:

Examples of the new error messages:

"error_message":"#/website: This attribute value must be of the format 

"error_message":"#/email_content: This attribute value must be of the format

"error_message":"#/custom_fields/0/name: This attribute value must be of the format

"error_message":"#/name: This attribute must not start with 
a '/'."

Email campaigns

  • The style_sheet property now correctly returns the styles applied to XHTML formated email campaigns.
  • We fixed several incorrect security restrictions that caused a script violation error for valid HTML and CSS code in the email_content field.
  • White space characters are now allowed in the email_content field at the beginning and end of the content, like:
    “<html>\r\n…. </html>\n\n\n\r"

Bulk activities

  • Export Contacts
    We fixed an error that exported only the Do Not Mail system generated list when users specified the Opted-out list. We introduced the Opted-out status with the new Contact Management System, and now we export both the Do Not Mail and the Opted-out lists when users specify Opted-out.
  • Add Contacts
    • API v1 & v2: We fixed a bug that caused a 400 response when the payload included valid contact address information in accounts using the new Contact Management System.
    • The country code for Qatar, QT, is now correctly recognized as a valid value.
    • We fixed a bug that incorrectly caused an error condition when the column_names array was empty. This now correctly raises a warning condition, and the API processes the Add Contacts activity.
    • We were sending the following incorrect error message when the lists array was empty:
      "error_key": "json.payload.invalid",
      "error_message": "Unable to parse JSON payload."

      We now send the following error message:

      "error_key": "json.min.items.violation”
      "error_message": "#/lists: 0 items were contained, 
      but the minimum number of items allowed is 1.”

What’s coming

As referenced in the API Release Notes | July 2013 post, we are planning to release new functionality to support the upcoming My Library Plus product very shortly.

Post your thoughts and questions about our API here – hey, we’re always listening.

Also, check out the Constant Contact Developer Community – for developers, by developers.

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