Featured App: Boutique Window

Boutique Window lets indie retailers easily showcase their merchandise, engage their shoppers and create beautiful, effective emails. It is the simplest and most effective way to get the word out about a store to shoppers. Whether it is a brick and mortar or an online store, Boutique Window makes it easy to share  merchandise with shoppers everywhere on the web.

Boutique Window integrates with their users’ Constant Contact accounts to collect new shopper email addresses and to create then send beautiful, engaging emails to shoppers in minutes.

Boutique Window’s integration with Constant Contact is wholly contained within the Boutique Window experience. Users grant Boutique Window access to their Constant Contact account and identify which list they want to send an email campaign to. Then they choose a template to use for their email campaign, and they’re off creating email campaigns to send to their customers.

How Boutique Window uses the Constant Contact API

Boutique Window integrates with the Constant Contact API as follows:

  • Contacts – adds new subscribers from sign up forms to the user’s account
  • Lists – the user selects which list to distribute campaigns to
  • Email campaign – Boutique window generates campaign HTML content and POST to the campaign collection endpoint to create the campaign.
  • Email campaign schedule –  Schedule the campaign for syndication/distribution

For more information about this app, visit Boutique Window listing in our MarketPlace.

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