November 17-19: RubyConf

San Diego in November? Yes, please. However, what is more important than this attractive factor is the fact that RubyConf has been the main annual gathering of Rubyists from around the world since 2001. Focused on fostering the Ruby programming language and the robust community that has sprung up around it, RubyConf brings together Rubyists both established and new to discuss emerging ideas, collaborate, and socialize in some of the best locations in the US.

We’re happy to join RubyConf as one of this event’s Silver sponsors as well as add to its content and agenda. Constant Contact’s Senior Software Engineer Dinshaw Gobhai will present the talk titled ‘Promises in Ruby’: Sequential workflows are easy to write (top down), but hard to write well. State machine workflows start to feel hacky, when complex; presenter patterns can be very heavy. Promises are a beautiful way to define and execute progressive routines while allowing access to independent steps for things like logging, exception handling, and picking up where you left off.

In addition to that our team of 9 will host a hacking session / drinks on Tuesday November 18. Join us there to “bootstrap an app”: we’ll be prototyping a Proof of Concept Kiosk App using Constant Contact Ruby SDK and a web browser. This will be a collaborative session; Constant Contact will provide code sample to get started. Space is limited, registration will be open at RubyConf. If you’re interested in participating and would like to secure a spot, please reach out to Brian Runk at

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