Recapping the 2nd Annual Engineers4Engineers Conference

Last month, over 325 engineers from the southern New England software development community converged on Constant Contact’s Small Business InnoLoft for the second annual Engineers4Engineers (E4E) conference. Fourteen speakers from all over the US and UK, including 3 Constant Contact engineers, spoke on topics concerning JavaScript, DevOps, and product development.


The day was packed with fun and educational talks. Some talks took us through the basics of teams and technologies, such as Alice Mottola’s “Initiation to Code: A Roadmap for New Developers and Their Mentors” and Brian Goff’s “Doing Cool Things with Docker“. There were more advanced talks, including Kyle Simpson’s “Syncing Async” and Katrina Owen’s “Overkill“, that really challenged everyone to step out of their comfort zones.


In a day full of highlights, two sessions that stood out for most everyone were Michael Lopp’s opening keynote, about how Stables and Volatiles can drive your company and its culture, and Merlin Mann’s closing keynote, “Advanced Tricycling“, where Merlin implored us to nurture and feed our curiosity.


Attendees raved about the event for days. One attendee remarked that he’d never been to a conference where so many people were intensely focused on the talks rather their laptops or devices.

If you missed the event, you can check out the video recordings of all the talks at Confreaks and keep an eye out here for announcements about next year’s Engineers4Engineers conference!

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