Featured Integration: XYDO Content Curation

XYDO (xydocuration.com) can help find relevant, trending content from across the internet that your customers will love. XYDO processes hundreds of thousands of articles each day from blogs, news sites, and well known publishers, and provides you with the tools to find the pieces that are most relevant and interesting to your audience.  XYDO’s integration makes it easy to include content in newsletters sent through Constant Contact. XYDO allow you to create, send and save newsletter campaigns from within a XYDO account.

Xydo integration uses Constant Contact API Email Campaign Collections endpoint to retrieve the collection of existing email campaigns (GET) or to create a new email campaign (POST).

For more information on XYDO and how it works with Constant Contact, please see their Marketplace listing.
Access Constant Contact’s list of endpoints and their description.

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