Putting a Premium on Customer Engagement: Strategic partnership helps insurance companies connect with customers

SmartLink for Constant Contact

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At Constant Contact, we talk a lot about the power of engaging your audience and how that can not only keep existing customers happy, but also help them to be more successful by creating positive, word-of-mouth marketing.

In many industries, recommendations from friends and family are the major driver of new leads. In fact, 90% of consumers surveyed say they trust recommendations from people they know. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise when thinking about your own habits and how you share your positive experiences with others.

From a professional services standpoint, it’s hard to think of a better use case than the insurance and financial services sector, because buying insurance has always been a very personal experience. Advisors who are able to build relationships with their customers will organically garner more referrals. That’s why it’s important for advisors to always stay top-of-mind with customers – and a great way to do so is through email marketing.

With that in mind, Constant Contact is excited to announce its partnership with Ebix, Inc., the makers of SmartOffice, the insurance industry’s leading CRM solution for agency, practice, and enterprise management. Through this partnership, we have created SmartLink for Constant Contact, putting the power of email marketing into the hands of SmartOffice users, allowing them to better segment their customer list using any attribute, and letting them export that list to their Constant Contact account.

From there, SmartLink for Constant Contact users can quickly send targeted email campaigns to their customers, driving positive results for advisors as they enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, SmartLink for Constant Contact users have access to all reports and analytics from within their SmartOffice dashboard, saving users time thanks to a more efficient workflow.

Constant Contact empowers SmartOffice customers to build stronger relationships with their customers, opening an exciting new marketing channel to its users, marking an evolution in the insurance industry – and we couldn’t be more excited to be a partner along the way.

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