Featured Integration: Fotozap

FotoZap lets businesses capture fun customized photos of visitors, guests, and event attendees and then deliver them by email. Participants are encouraged to share their photo through social media for additional brand exposure. Guests enter their email address to receive their photo and email addresses are transferred directly to Constant Contact.

FotoZap integration with Constant Contact checks to see if the email address already exists in the user’s account, updates the contact if it does, and adds the email address if it wasn’t already in the account.

The integration was built by Picture Marketing in January 2014, it uses v2 of Constant Contact API, and accesses Contacts endpoints.

For a full list of Constant Contact API endpoints, go to constantcontact.com/apiendpoints .

Please visit FotoZap listing on Constant Contact App MarketPlace.

More info on FotoZap: fotozap.com


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