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Something Better than IDs for Identifying Elements in Selenium Tests

Developing Selenium / WebDriver tests is typically a cumbersome, back-and-forth process with developers. Conventional wisdom says you should use element IDs as much as possible.This requires that developers insert the element IDs into the code. In turn, developers ask for which elements do quality engineering (QE) needs IDs, to which QE responds with either some general, […]

Featured App: Boutique Window

Boutique Window lets indie retailers easily showcase their merchandise, engage their shoppers and create beautiful, effective emails. It is the simplest and most effective way to get the word out about a store to shoppers. Whether it is a brick and mortar or an online store, Boutique Window makes it easy to share  merchandise with […]

September 12-14: Hackfit Boulder

We obviously can’t get enough of Hackfit. Having sponsored Hackfit San Francisco and Hackfit Boston this year, we’re joining another one of these mentally and physically fit events in Boulder, CO. What is a Hackfit? “Hackfit is a fitness-infused startup competition for innovative thinkers passionate about healthy living. Following the traditional three-day hackathon formula, Hackfit […]

September 6-7: Northeast PHP

Constant Contact is sponsoring another stellar PHP conference: Northeast PHP in Boston, September 6-7. This event is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX. Northeast PHP started with a conversation between organizers of the Boston PHP, Atlantic Canada PHP, and Burlington, Vermont PHP user groups. Boston PHP is the largest and most active […]

Supporting Mixed Mode Services in an API

A new contact management system In 2013, Constant Contact started to roll out our next generation of contact management features.  This new generation of CRM was not just some additional functionality – we moved to a new hardware architecture, a new software technology stack and a modern UI design to improve usability.  All in all, […]

August 22-24: iOS Dev Camp

On August 22 a few of us here at Constant Contact are heading to San Jose for some iOS fun. We’re joining iOS Dev Camp this year as one of their Megabyte sponsors. The agenda looks super exciting (yay for coding through the night); for news on mobile development at Constant Contact and to learn […]

Constant Contact and MarketMeSuite: a better solution through integration

In the world of software development, integrating with a public API from a well-known, respected company can give you a quick and easy way to add new functionality, build a stronger product, and attract the attention of potential customers. That was the experience MarketMeSuite had when they integrated their social media engagement suite with the […]

Announcing the 2nd Annual Engineers4Engineers Conference

Join us on September 12th, 2014 for the 2nd annual Engineers4Enginners Conference. This year the format will be a multi-track conference featuring a world-class lineup of speakers from the developer community. This one day conference is the perfect place to network, learn, and have fun! Come join the best and brightest from across the country for a day of […]

Open Platform Innovation Jam a Huge Success!

Constant Contact’s AppConnect and Mobile Application teams hosted an Open Platform-themed Innovation Jam July 10 and 11, 2014. It was open to any member of the Constant Contact team, and participants were encouraged to come up with cool new ideas by mashing up features, functionality, and coolness from different apps with open platforms. Read more […]