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The perfect CSS for Organizational Chart Avatars

The requirement sounded simple; show a user’s photo next to their name.  The reality was that some photos were square and some wide while others were very large and some were small.  I thought this was a good chance to combine a few code and CSS techniques to see what could be accomplished. First I […]

Sept 4-5: WindyCityRails

In early September you’ll find us in the ‘Windy City’, Chicago, Illinois. WindyCityRails is Chicago’s single-track Ruby on Rails conference. At this conference we expect to meet some of the best developers and designers, sharpen our Rails skills, and meet like-minded technologists. Constant Contact is sponsoring on a Platinum level. Dinshaw Gobhai, Constant Contact’s Senior […]

Aug 2-3: DrupalCamp PA

DrupalCamp PA is taking place for the first time in Pittsburgh, PA, on August 2-3. We’re proud to sponsor this new and exciting event. This is going to be a 2 day conference with topical sessions, keynote speakers, “Birds of a Feather” breakouts, and code sprints. The theme of the conference “Bridging Higher Education & […]

CASL Update for Developers

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) started being enforced on July 1, 2014, and is applicable to anyone who makes use of commercial electronic messages. This means if you have an email address in your email marketing campaign that you suspect belongs to a Canadian, or if anyone opens your email in Canada, this law is applicable even if […]