Archives for February 2014

Import Contacts using the Multipart form Bulk Activity Endpoint

One of the most efficient ways to add or update contacts using the v2 API is by using the Import Contacts multipart endpoint. You will need to create a file in one of the supported types with the contact information you want to import. Why is using multipart bulk activity your best bet for adding […]

API Release Notes | February 2014

The upcoming Constant Contact API update is schedule for Friday, February 7, 2014. These API Release Notes cover the new features, bug fixes, and any open issues for this release. New Features Account information endpoint uri: The organization_addresses array adds new support for an organization physical address to the account information endpoint. Here is the JSON structure for […]

Scaling a Great Engineering Organization with SAFe

This year we’ve begun to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) at Constant Contact to help us structure our product, business, and architectural efforts so that our organizational and business growth scales effectively. Great engineering organizations build great products. However, building a great engineering organization and keeping it executing for the business is never easy. Constant […]