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API Release Notes | November 2013

Even though we’re releasing the November update of the Constant Contact v2 API on Thursday October 31, 2013, we’re still calling it our November Release ;-). Please enjoy our release notes. New Features This release includes one new feature. Multi-user support The v2 API now supports the multi-user functionality implemented in the Constant Contact platform. […]

Using the Constant Contact V2 APIs with R

Big Data is moving quickly from buzzword to required discipline for software companies. I recently worked on a project that merged two of my interests, APIs and analytics. This little side project retrieved campaign statistics from the Constant Contact v2 APIs and brought them into the R programming language for analysis. If you’re not familiar with R, […]

AlI I really need to know about software I learned at my dotcom startup

Many moons ago I worked for a dotcom startup. I am sure there are some of you out there that remember those heady days. While in retrospect we probably shouldn’t have spent all that money on funky office space and astronomical salaries, we had a blast. We worked hard. We played hard. It was a […]

Did You Get My Message?

We all know that mobile technology has been a tremendously disruptive force, transforming the way we interact and engage. For marketers, this shift means that traditional strategies for customer engagement, experience design, and messaging must evolve. Innovative messaging will be key for effective marketing in both web and in-product experiences. To effectively engage customers, marketers […]

Make Your Innovation Easy to be Innovated Upon

Given that innovation is something new, introduced as an improvement to existing technology, and given that quality flows from those improvements, I invite you to ponder this (a question that might multiply your contribution): What would it take to make your innovation so that it is easy to innovate upon? We know that every idea […]

API Release Notes | October 2013

We deployed the October update to the Constant Contact v2 API on October 3, 2013. We’re really excited because this release is packed with all kinds of new stuff! New Features What’s new in this API release: New MyLibrary APIs The MyLibrary APIs provide developers access to the upgraded MyLibrary Plus product that was just […]