Archives for August 2013

Taming Selenium Locators

Are you just getting started with Selenium and having trouble with Selenium locators?  Or are you an experienced Selenium user having maintenance issues such as brittle tests with your automated scripts due to poor locators? In this post, I’ll share a few techniques that I use when working with Selenium locators that will hopefully help […]

Who Cares About Data?

In the complex world of analytics, I have often times seen many organizations focus on the numbers and stats without identifying what they mean or whether their companies are getting the most business action from their data. A common sentiment I hear consistently is that their organizations are drowning in data but lacking in understanding […]

Boston TechJam: Artists, Bands, Food, & Tech

Everyone knows the tech scene is big on the latest gadgets, building the next big thing, and (as a developer myself) CODE. In fact, that sometimes seems like the only thing people think about the tech scene! But the truth is, we also know how to throw one heck of a party, and this year […]

Digioh’s Constant Contact Integration

Rishi Shah, CEO of Digioh, talks about his experience integrating with Constant Contact using the v2 API. Share your thoughts or questions about integrating with Constant Contact here. We’re listening!

Deployment Automation for Continuous Delivery Part 1

I want to share with you the improvements we’ve made to our deployment automation to support Continuous Delivery (CD). In this blog post, I’ll describe how we deploy our applications using CD. Today, our development teams are looking for ways to get features and bug fixes out into production as quickly as possible. A small […]

API Release Notes | August 2013

We have just released an update to the Constant Contact v2 API on August 9, 2013. There are no major changes or new functionality in this release, so we don’t anticipate there being any impact on existing v2 integrations. API Release Notes – Bug Fixes Here are the details on the bugs we’ve fixed in […]

Keeping It Dry With Page Objects

Keep it DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself!) In this post, I’ll discuss how we use page objects to keep things DRY. Have you ever had someone in your life that repeats what they’ve said over and over again? Have you ever just wanted to say, “You’ve told me that ten times already!” For me, that person […]

API Performance Testing, Part 2

Using JProfiler to Analyze Performance I just completed a long analysis of our V2 API using JProfiler for API performance testing and want to spend some time — ok, the lion’s share of this post — discussing what we learned from this analysis. JVM profiling by and large, aims to identify long-running or redundant method invocations. […]