Archives for July 2013

API Performance Testing, Part 1

Is there such a thing as too fast when it comes to API performance testing? Unless you’re trying to play a game engineered around a busy loop sized for a 286, probably not. We always want to get more done in less time. That’s why the Constant Contact Web Services team is charged with building […]

API v2 Release Notes | July 2013

We are releasing an update to the Constant Contact V2 API on July 12, 2013. There are no major changes happening in this release, and current V2 API integrations will not require any changes. New Features – Although we are not releasing any new features or functionality in this release, we’re giving you a sneak […]

Processes and Tools that Work the Way You Do

After the Web Services team released a brand new API in early April, we’ve been examining our processes (along with developing new API endpoints!), looking for ways to work smarter, faster, and better. We learned a lot along the way to our successful launch, and needed to turn them into actionable items. This post discusses […]