Archives for May 2013

Creating API Docs from JSON Schema

A major focus of the Constant Contact API v2 release was on making the Constant Contact developer portal an exhaustive resource for developers that ensured they could create innovative, effective integrations with us quickly and easily. One of the anchors of the new portal is the API Docs section. The API Docs are designed to […]

php[tek] 2013

What do you get when you mix PHP developers, stuffed animals, and LEGOS®?  Why php[tek], of course – a three-day conference in Chicago that brings all the big names together.  And this year’s php[tek] certainly did not disappoint! At the conference, I couldn’t help but run into Andrew Nacin (WordPress lead developer), Davey Shafik (author […]

My First Week at Constant Contact

Wow, what a week it has been here at Constant Contact.  Monday was your pretty typical first day- who we are, what we do, expectations, and paperwork (lots of it).  But in full-blown trial by fire fashion, I found myself representing Constant Contact at Secure360 on Tuesday, and flying to Chicago for php[tek] Wednesday! So […]

What LEGO Blocks Teach Us About REST API Testing

My son loves LEGO® blocks. He is continually fascinated about the ways he can use and reuse various LEGO blocks to build different kinds of towers and other edifices.  He also likes to use the same larger LEGO blocks as a foundation for a multitude of different towers.  Why should REST API testing be any […]

Automatic Cluster Membership with Puppet

Overview Recently, I was tasked with setting up a HA solution for our monitoring servers. I decided to use Linux HA and set up an active/passive cluster, one per environment. We use Puppet for configuring and deploying our services, so a Puppet module that would bootstrap, install, and configure multiple, different Linux HA clusters was needed. […]