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Cassandra and Backups

Cassandra is a peer-to-peer, fault-tolerant system. Data is replicated among multiple nodes across multiple data centers. Single or even multi-node failures can be recovered from surviving nodes with the data. Restores from backups are unnecessary in the event of disk or system hardware failure even if an entire site goes off-line.  As long as there […]

OAuth 2.0: Better For Us, Better For You

Many companies are encouraging adoption of OAuth 2.0, and for good reason.  In days where we hear about credentials or sensitive information being exposed or hacked all the time (like here and here), it’s nice to know that using an API won’t make you or your users more vulnerable to attack. In a nutshell, basic […]

Server Provisioning Automation – Part 2

In my previous blog post about server provisioning automation, I described our pre-provisioning phase and how we automated the out-of-band interface configuration and make machines remotely accessible and ready to kickstart.  In this installment, I go through the provisioning phase and show how we use Puppet to automatically kickstart physical machines. The Challenge In the […]

Into the Cloud?

Over the last few months, I have been to a couple of conferences on cloud technologies. It’s hard to go to a tech conference and not see a topic on cloud computing (or Big Data, but that’s a topic for another time). There are many types of clouds, too, but in this blog we are […]

How Digioh Integrated with Constant Contact and got Hundreds of Happy Customers

This is a guest blog post by Robert Steffes, the lead developer at Digioh. Digioh is a startup software company with easy to use lead capture tools. Digioh’s integration with Constant Contact enables users to quickly send files in Constant Contact and track downloads by subscriber. The tool also captures new leads who download a […]

Triangles in Your Pocket

Constant Contact creates technology products for a pretty specific audience, and the needs of that audience have taught us to use highly functional and highly familiar interface metaphors. Successful small businesses and nonprofits master a variety of skills – marketing, financial management, hiring, product pricing, customer support – but a mastery of the latest consumer […]