1. This article was given to me by a tech because when I use the embed code that COnstant Contact provides to me, it bleeds out past my page making it unusable and looking amateurish. It did not help at all. After and hour and a half on the phone, watching videos that do not apply, I am thinking I made a very poor choice in selecting Constant Contact and wasting weeks of setting up campaigns and newsletters when they cannot get something so simple as an opt in form to work!

  2. Hi Cassi, Sorry to hear about the frustration. It sounds like you need to use your own style sheet to make this form look good on your website. Following the instructions above to remove our style sheet, and set your own width for the form, should help. There are also plugins you can use instead of this option if you use a common website builder (like WordPress), and don’t have CSS/HTML expertise.

  3. the success message is displayed before the sign up form is filled out and sent off. using wordpress 4.4, visual builder. I embedded the html code through visual builder. thanks for the help!

  4. This form didn’t work as an embed option on my wordpress site.

  5. Hi everyone, sorry to hear about this not working in WordPress. That’s not all that surprising; WordPress probably doesn’t allow HTTP calls to be sent from their sites without a plugin installed specifically for that purpose. I’d try a WP plugin designed for this:

  6. Hi Shannon,

    thanks for the feedback! will adapt.


  7. I really only want to modify the embed code so i can have a custom Thank You page(Success page). I removed the SPAN lines with the Success message. I removed the ERROR SCRIPT section. I added a url between the quotation marks in the URL field line. When I hit Submit, nothing happens, still on the form page. Here is my form url

    Please help.

  8. Our organization uses the Embedded JMML form on our website. When contacts use the form to sign up, their Source is listed as “Embedded JMML.” However, when I perform an Advanced Search, Embedded JMML is not listed as one of the items on the pulldown menu under Contact Source. Is there any way to change this? Thanks for your assistance.

    • Same problem here. I am using several “Embedded JMML” forms on different pages and would like to know which are most successful. Can we customize the form name as it appears on the contact report?

      • Shannon Wallace Shannon Wallace says:

        Hi Antonio, I’m forwarding this onto our product manager as a feature request, but right now there isn’t a way to denote which sign-up form a contact came in through in our product.

  9. Urs Bräm says:

    Hi – I was wondering if there’s a workaround to make the form disappear when the success message is displayed. Currently you get “Thank you” and the now unnecessary form below. It would be easy for your js to hide that. Btw can I take locally, to maybe add that?

    • Shannon Wallace Shannon Wallace says:

      Looks like you already answered this yourself! Good work. In case anyone reads these comments, be aware that we don’t monitor these pages actively for questions, but I will try to keep on top of suggestions and edits here.

  10. Urs Bräm says:

    Re my previous comment: I’ve got it – I was missing a css class in the form.

  11. Do you have a tutorial or some instruction as to how to add reCaptcha security to an embedded form?

  12. I used this tutorial in order to customize the “success” message after someone signs up for our mailing list. I’m using the embed code. PLEASE create a simpler way! I had to create a page on the site that users are redirected to after signing up. All I needed was a simple, “Thank you for signing up for our newsletter” message. Not a whole new page and certainly not a code change.

  13. I need to display this embedded form twice on my site. But when I do, if the user fills out the 2nd instance of the form, the success message is displayed within the 1st instance of the form.

    I am sure this has everything to do with the success_message being dsplayed within a which can only exist once on a page.

    Anyone have a solution for this besides using the full API or constructing the form myself?


  14. can you please update this page so that it is useful:

    “can be found by logging in to a Constant Contact account, going to the Contacts section of the account, and selecting the “Sign-up Tools” link near the top of the page.”

    does not exist when in a CC account…

  15. Can’t we add captcha to this form?

  16. Hi, are there legal requirements regarding the footer text of the form? Can that legally be removed completely?

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